About us

Individual company “Novatransa” was started in the year 1997 establishing themselves, doing routs in Lithuania. In the year 1998 joined the carriers associacion “Linava” in witch as a member guaranteed reliability as well as opening new routes. At the year 2005 “Novatransa” possessed ten vehicles, which met EURO three standards. Due to operating costs and cost optimization company vehicle fleet in 2005 – 2007 has been updated and it now consists of 2003 – 2008 the year of production of lorries VOLVO and RENAULT. The company’s status was changed in the year 2012. At present the company has 24 vechicles and 31 worker.

“Novatransa” transports cargo’s within the European Union countries, Baltic countries, Russia and the CIS countries, Belarus and Ukraine. Main focus is 20 ir 40 feet containers, tank-containers transportation from Klaipėda’s harbour to Minsk, Kiev, Moscow, St. Peterbourg’s, Ufo ant other russian cities transporting 25 – 27 tonnes of containers with cargo, ADR cargo’s, liquid chemistry. The company has five 3-axle trucks, which can carry up to 45 tonnes of total weight of the loaded vehicle, five ADR certified trucks for hazardous cargo aswell as having the ability to transport cargos with diesel-electric generator (GENSET CARRIER).

Ltd. “Novatransa” drivers preserved Dangerous Cargo courses, ISOPA MDI/TDI driver courses and has valid documents.

Particular attention shall be appointed by the company to its customers in order to ensure quality services. The main partners of the company are stable customers from the company’s establishment.